Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Between China And Britain: Isolation Of Reasoning

In the past week, China's decision to and the execution of the 53 year old Briton, Akmal Shaikh has dominated the news. There are many for and against it. As mentioned in a previous post, the UK government surely stood to show their care for a citizen, which is good. But Britain failed this time to stop China.

Looking at the case, the raging squabble now, especially between UK and China is about interference. China is accusing Britain of trying to impose on her and Britain is accusing China of refusing to accept reasons. For this, both are wrong because they approached this matter in complete neglect of the other's reason(s).

China has a right to implement its own laws and Britain has her right to speak on behalf of its citizens. However, both have to do these within consideration of the others reasons. In this case nevertheless, it would be a tough reconsideration for China. There would have been two layers of options with sub-options to follow.

First layer would be to re-try the accused or outrightly commute his sentence to life imprisonment. The later would have raised home-made problems for China since it has used same laws for many including her own citizens found guilty of the same offence.

Retrying the accused on other hand, could lead to three options: death sentence again, life in prison or a total overhaul and repeal of the death sentence. The last option is the second layer but China wouldn't at this stage be made to consider this.

Doing all in the first layer could still bring the case to one result: the same as has been done; death. All things considered, it is clear that the issue here is: Abolish capital punishment. This is fair to ask. Existing evidences and statistics shows no successful impact by way of reduced crime rate in the places where it is practiced. Life, whether by law or crime and violence, must not be taken. It is cruel.

China is not alone in this cruelty, but so many others including the almighty sinless USA. Convicted criminals should be given commensurate prison sentence and made to work for their upkeep instead of using taxpayers money to sustain them and make them live like VIP guests in a 5star hotel as it is in Britain.

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