Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Archbishop Of York... After Two Months & Ten Days

Just two days ago, I was wondering where the voice and stand of the Archbishop of York was on the oppression of gay and lesbian people in his country of origin. I almost imagined that the he has found refuge and complacence in England, land of hope and (his) glory, hence he has turned his back on the same place he started. I pray not so.

But his quietness did not help matters. In the actual sense, his response coming today, two
months and ten days after the anti-homosexuality bill was tabled before the Ugandan parliament for debate, is completely disgraceful regardless of his excuses of listening. But at least, John Sentamu finally spoke.

Yet, the delay of the two most senior archbishops of the Church of England in taking a stand is awfully disappointing and disgusting. No one demands them to go out in arms against their righteous brothers (supposedly) in the Lord. But one would expect that as luckily as both happen to be living and presiding over the church in a free, fair and equal society, they would have been in the forefront of condemning this evil; and openly too.

Sentamu reminds us that there already are laws against homosexuality in Uganda hence the justification for their delayed response. But I put it to him that such isn't but a lame excuse. He, as well as every other leader, should at all times remember that their silence or none of it, may make a lot of difference in issues that concern their (supposed) flocks. On that note, their service should be timely, robust and widened enough to reach to all and sundry under their shepherding without prejudice as they both have continuously shown to the LGBT community.
We know that they are both homophobic. And if they sincerely are not, then they fear what others would say about their opinion hence THEY DO NOT STAND UPRIGHT to testify against the evil oppressions against the gay community under their claimed pastoral care.

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