Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The SUN Against Labour

Well; that The SUN Newspaper is politically against the Labour Party is no more news. What is news however is how they try to achieve that objective. Their first assumed blow was rather not a blow but a declaration of the fight...
And since that announcement in September, their campaign has been one of smear targeted
mainly at the Prime Minister. They target the man because he is not a great talkative and would prefer to remain within normal human scope of explanation than engage in war of words. But in the last shot, The SUN's drunkenness was exposed.
They engaged the foolish Mrs. Janes who claims to be mourning but had the entire time in the world to sit and shoot videos for them, speak, and even record her telephone conversation with the Prime Minister all because The SUN had (denied) advised her to. But as Gordon Brown has always maintained, the British society aren't as foolish as The SUN thinks.
In the not too distant future, Mrs. Janes will come out with the truth. As she lacked the appreciation of someone who spent their time to put pen to paper, she will soon run out of appreciation for the manipulation she has been meted to by The SUN. And except if she is daft foolish, then she might have done all that fuss for free; and that makes me worry for her.
As for The SUN, the headline after that mess now reads: The SUN's Lost IT! And that's true. With their media cohort distancing themselves from the 'Handwriting Campaign', majority of British people refuting it, and Mrs. Janes shaking with regret and pulling out abruptly, they sure lost it.
The fight continues.

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