Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Sacrificial Lamb; Gay People In Most Countries Faces This

I cried as I watched this video. I cried, not just for the disruptedly stolen life of a promising and blossoming life of the innocent victim, no; I CRIED FOR MYSELF. That he, lying there, could be me. Because, that young man has gone through the pain I and many others alike, because of our sexuality, are at risk of going through in many countries, including mine, Nigeria. But WE SHALL FIGHT and not die in silence.

Rest in gracious peace Makwan; good night dear star. On December 4 2009, it will be 2 years since your fatal end. Although you rest painless now, we have not forgotten. That wound on your neck - our neck - is still fresh; and the pain still bites us. We will remember forever and we will not stop until that injury is cured. We will not stop until the hazard is totally removed. But farther above that, we will not STOP until the entire threat is wiped. Peace be with you.

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