Monday, November 16, 2009

Nick Clegg’s Libertine Incessancy

Among all things that Nick Clegg could do to draw attention and claim to be proactive (if ever) or useful or modest, attacking the monarch in the name of parliament reform is quite boring and shameful.

Mr. Clegg's proposal smacks of busy-body and lack of opinion. British reputation still
remains and does better because of her monarch. For those calling for a republic, it is unfortunate that they cannot pin-point a particular advantage which republican countries have over this country; instead, the likes of Mr. Clegg are rather dancing to the galleries on the wrong music and tune.

Instead of the monarch going, it would be best the constituency of Sheffield Hallam vote out Nick Clegg and bring in a more credible person to go to parliament for them. The Liberal Democrat can do better if their leadership find substance rather than cheap attention and liberatine incessancy.

The Queen's speech will outline the government's policies; but yes, that's what the Monarch's speech has always done. So spare us your daft wisdom Mr. Clegg.

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