Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Missing People Should Give Us All A Concern

Yesterday in the electronic post, I received a request/information about a missing 30year old man. What is so frightening about it is that he is exactly my age. Yet, the story surrounding his disappearance shows he was just not expected to go missing; it then could have been me.

But John Regan, Originally from Oker, Matlock Derbyshire, and living in Primrose Hill London, has not been seen since midnight Wednesday 18th November 2009 (The night of the France V Ireland Football match). He was seen outside Bar Tok, Camden, London, NW1 heading in the direction of Camden at approximately 12.15am. John was last seen (on CCTV) at 1:15am in the early hours of Thursday morning at Camden Stables Markets, heading through Camden Lock West Yard (Underneath Lockside lounge) where he turned right walking by the canal towards Primrose Hill.

At the time of his disappearance, John was wearing the
clothing he is wearing in 2 of the pictures; a navy Jumper with a Pink Skull Motif, and Jeans. The police have been informed and are investigating. Telephone: 0300 123 1212

Otherwise, you can call 07551258608 or email:; if you have any news or information you think might be useful in locating this young man.

Then this morning, as I made my coffee, my attention was drawn to the label on the pint of Iceland milk my housemate has bought for us last night... it is the picture is of 46 year old Steven Cooper from Huddersfield who has been missing since January 2008. Information about Steven could be provided to 0500 700 700

My heart bleeds to imagine what it could be like not to live the life you want because someone has taken you hostage... and imagining the worse leaves me too alert for comfort.

Please join to look for these ones in any little way you can. From creating awareness like this, to providing any little information you may have or come across. There is a facebook page for John Regan here.

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