Friday, November 13, 2009

London Jazz Festival Features Roberto Fonseca

Since I heard about the London Jazz Festival, I have been keeping my eyes peeled to see what the catch will be. And then, as the whirlwind gathers speed, Roberta Fonseca is among the celebrated artist and that makes it a great Jazz Festival.
Roberta is very talented. What you will like most is the ingenuity of his piano wizardry. His fingers are so fluid
on the keys you will think he was born with one on his neck. But that is not all. His ability to interweave Afro-Cuban soul and funk brings Jazz to an entirely different level altogether. No wonder his tunes are just so loved by all.
But what would you expect from someone who had played with the legends of Cuban music like Buena Vista group including Late Rubén González and Ibrahim Ferrer, Cuba's greatest bolero singers. He has also shared stages on hundreds of occasions with Cachaíto López, Guajiro Mirabal and Manuel Galbán; again, great men of Cuban music. Coming from a family of musicians; father, mother, uncles, and the list goes; Roberta Fonseca can only be what he is: an embodiment of rich Cuban Jazz and exceptional honed talent.

So come Saturday 14th September by 7.30pm, this great musician of our time will be taking the stage at Southbank Centre to rock the London Jazz Festival. Dont miss it.

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