Friday, November 13, 2009

Labour On Way To Rebound

What makes it even more resounding is the fact that the most political analysts and watchers refuse to accept that Labour will pull it. An article on BBC News website actually opened with the following sentence: "People here would vote for a donkey if it was next to the Labour box on the slip." People didn't anyway.

The report, by Laura Kuenssberg went on to say that "The Glasgow North East by-election
,... will put that to the test." It went on to say, "As potentially the final vote of its kind before next year's general election, it will provide a clue as to how sticky Labour's traditional support is, or just how many of their long-time supporters across the country may desert them."
But tonight, that pessimistic reporting and the likes did get an answer; obviously not the materialisation of that wrong predicting report. The retaining of that constituency by the Labour party was not just bold; it was achieved with a good margin in majority and exposed the fact that people did not chose to vote the donkeys, especially the ones that were dancing to the galleries on the current political situations.

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