Saturday, November 14, 2009

Is Politics A Snare? Bercow Can Answer

Earlier this year, the Telegraph laid their hand on something that seemed a treasure; MPs Expenses. They used it; and the result was a parade of distancing from the MPs by the public. Many of us sprang to our feet and chastised them. We all claimed how good we would have been if we were in their position or how appalling they were,
et cete ra.

Not only was the public crying out loud, so many among politicians aspired towards offices being left by the ones blighted the saga. But as usual, what we all fail to come to terms with is; that the aspirations are towards becoming the blighted.

Most Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPC: the now-prestigious title) added the promises of conducting business in the Parliament if elected on 'empty stomach' (if not entirely free), councillors booed, business owners cheered, entrepreneurs threw in the bait, and company chiefs bragged. But never did anyone considered the frailty of humanity.

Today, we hear the same drums begin to roll. The Speaker of the House of Commons whose ran for his post promising to'restore trust' is rather restoring 'truce'. Where are the trust, let alone restoration?

Yesterday in the DailyMail and TimesOnline, we saw the fallen former Deputy Mayor, Ian Clement, a man who came from a working class background, as he did community service as part of his punishment for manipulating the tax-payers' fund that was meant for his work. In retrospect, he might have at some point in his life blamed 'politicians', etc.

So, as usual and normal as it could be, politicians will need personal integrity achieved through everyday character prove rather than 5yearly batch-processed promises.

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