Thursday, November 19, 2009

How Many More Treaty(ies) Before An EU State?

So we all listened and waited for the new development of the unstructured child; EU. And finally, the long-awaited, long-debated, long-considered and much fought-over post of President of the European Union was decided and announced within less than 4-hours of chat among the 27 qualified countries.

Among all the candidates – although, it seems due to fear of failure, most of them refused to go public – the British proposed candidate, Tony Blair would have been a great asset. However, it is also obvious that he may also be a controversial figure to have. Regardless, it would have been prestigious to have a British run that office.

Nonetheless, it is obvious that the EU still have a lot of respect and regard for this Island and tries very hard to portray that. This showed in the decision to have granted Britain a prominent place in the new permanent cabinet.

This assures that the EU is trying hard to keep Britain entertained and interested. Baron Ashton may once again, strengthen her ever-growing reputation this time as an international figure for one of the world's biggest economic and security player. This also entrenches the respect for Gordon Brown on the international scene. But more, it affirms the step towards a one-Nation state of Europe... probably, one more treaty and rectification.

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