Saturday, November 14, 2009

Climate Change Or Character Change?

I have always thought I was alone. But no, you are never alone, regardless of how odd or unusual or awkward.

So the result of a poll today indicated that more than half of the population doesn't believe climate change is caused by man; super!

But anyway, while I think it is less man-made, I still believe that human beings can do a lot to help. My point of approach isn't from the 'breaking ice' or 'weathering deserts' angle, but from the material point of view.

It is astonishing that we want India with over 70% of people in darkness to go slow in acquiring electricity while we are here burning electricity round the clock. For me, it is about using things when necessary instead of having the TV on while the CD plays in the background. Instead of having one TV in each room of our house when we can watch one as a family; and the list goes.

May be, this poll will have an influence in how we approach climate change. I believe it is nature at work just the same way the land mass separated to its present continental form (as we are told). The ice carps will go or shift; but unfortunately, at the completion of this circle, the future generation may see it from a different perspective as nature rather than the sins of their fathers.

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