Monday, November 09, 2009

At Long Last; Adieu London Lite & RIP London Paper

In 2006, a wave like an epidemic took over the hectic but nice evening rush of Londoners. In just a passing of the sun, the landscape was deformed by unwanted papers. From the roadside to underground platforms, inside buses to train seats, we were like perishing specie attacked by a swarm of locusts.

This was not just annoying, it was blatantly insidious. Walking the streets from 3pm was
like manoeuvring one's way through a maze of hissing pythons in the form of paper distributors. They came in droves and shove the papers at you like evils from a different world. They were (un)trained to disregard every manner of (in)human approach with one mission: leave it with them. Regardless of where, you were bound to have at least 4+ people shoving papers at you... unfortunately, it was just two papers.

Well, for me, a strict NAY was the answer and my principle was that I will never collect any of the two papers. They lacked every considerable thing called news let alone being informative; so, I wont patronize them. I was sure that one day, they will go. And today finally, the last of them have just announced it is to fold up.

So, here I am and very happy at this good news. But not just that, but that at last, we will, in London again, walk the jostling frantic evenings with an undivided attention on the inevitable challenges. Farewell London paper and good bye, LondonLite.

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