Wednesday, November 18, 2009

America: Now Waiting For The Real Change?

Now see where we are? Her Lordess, Sarah Palin claims she inspired Barack Obama's 'change'. How so unclear can Palin be? But as she rightly said in her new book (Going Rogue: An American Life) – which no one should, not even for charity shop price buy unless they are brain-dead – she surely was "change when change wasn't
cool". What else could Palin possibly write? As TIME puts it: "How did Sarah Palin write her memoir so fast?"

So yea, no one is surprised that the change she initiated was daft and fridge-cold hence not inspiring for the population to pick up. Did she see that logic? Change comes in different ways and some in same manner or fashion. But can someone tell the model lady of politics that it's not about what you produce; it's about how you sell it?

Barack sold the same product she claimed to have sold years ago in a different style hence the huge success she missed. She surely want to occupy the White House and it won't be surprised if she succeed. After all, America once voted in George Bush II; what a bollocks that was.

Thanks for creating cold 'change' Palin, but more thanks for the man who offered inspiring change. May be that's the difference. The next step is; who will implement real change? Let's hope Obama achieves that.

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