Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Speaker’s Conference & Party Leaders’ Equality Proposals

So this is another of Cameron's double speak; Tory central office will force for women-only shortlist! Can someone tell me Cameron is really who he wants us to see in him? Just 3 years ago, he slammed Labour for increasing the number of women MPs through reformed selection saying he thought they were a "step too far". And today, he
is here telling us he is going to do the same thing.

Not that I am surprised at Mr. Cameron's chameleonic opinions, it has an unbreakable history anyway. But at least, as general election draws near, it would be best to be steady because some of us are listening and cross-checking.

Having said that, my main concern is that in Mr. Cameron's opening speech at the Speaker's conference, did not for once, mention disabled or LGBT candidates and what he would do to create opportunity for these groups so as to bring true equality. Where is the equality Mr. C?

That aside, Daily Telegraph reported the day before, that Mr. Cameron tried to enforce a seventh name on an already completed shortlist in Macclesfield. This was as a favour for dear shadow chancellor. Not bad as I have already mentioned in a previous post that if DC be PM, favours for the rich league will leave the ordinary man scrambling for crumbs. Just wait and see.

Ok, back to the consequence. Mr. Cameron's adding a favoured George Osborne's chief-of-Staff to the list also made the list unequal according to Andy Lea, who resigned as local party treasurer in response; embarrassing indeed. But Eric Pickles, party chairman who ran the deal denied Mr. Lea accusation.

No wonder we will be confused forever as to what Cameron believes in or will do if not that he portrays desperation and will do anything to get into No 10. God Save the Queen!

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