Monday, September 28, 2009

The Optimism Continues At Labour Conference

The conference today has been interesting. What makes me happier is the openness and inclusivity of it all. From Tory civil servants to LibDem politicians, from trade unions to students unions, CLPs, different ethnicities, balanced gendered speakers and far across, to the international scenes.

Peter Mandelson's speech cheers. His high point was indicating that "...the pull to return (to Labour government) to serve under Gordon Brown was just irresistible"; very nice.

Debates have also been wonderful with an open selection system take allowing members to mount the stage with motions. Tthe zeal and passion but far above that, the optimism of all speakers; from the prime minister to the chairs and even the disabled man who challenged conference and received a standing ovation, were moving.

The visiting prime ministers from Europe showed their delight to be associated with Gordon Brown and the Labour party. Someone might argue that they were invited but in their rights as leaders of their nations, it is undoubtedly pure that they intentionally took this bold step to appreciate a man they have come to respect, trust and believe in. How best could that be shown than standing in front of the Labour party members to acknowledge this; UN agrees.

Spanish Prime Minister spoke in Spanish but his exuberance and body language surely portrayed that his words aren't quite enough to transmit what he thinks. He did indeed say that Gordon Brown's leadership on the world stage meant alot and its totally and completely invaluable. That is great.

Norwegian Prime minister also confirmed that and showed optimism as well. The wind of the clarion call to wake up has become infectious; let it continue.

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