Friday, October 16, 2009

An Open Letter To Talibans & Suicide Bombers

Dear brothers & sisters in Pakistan,

Can you, I pray, please stop the killing of fellow humans as it is not solving the problems? Aren't we all heartbroken yet? If God is merciful, benevolent, etc; would killing substantiate those characters?

Considering that you claim to fight for justice, and I assume, you are seeking for fairness, is killing and maiming appropriate at all to achieving this. Shouldn't these be the work of the evil one alone?

In the past 10 to 15 days alone, so many lives have been lost. Each of these lives were a precious part of someone's lives and hence would have been more useful alive than dead.

While I enjoy living, regardless of its many troubles, I cannot seem to enjoy it if and when I have to shed tears each time I and many others across the world see the face of a child bereaved of his precious parents; each time we see the agony and blood of another man or woman being pulled out of the rubbles; each time, and currently, almost every time as we look at the chaos, the interruption, the fear, the jeopardy, the stress, suffered by fellow human beings going about their business.

Brothers and sisters, we may not have the same faith, political or social beliefs, but we have more in common than what separates us. If we were to be blind, we could possible understand that we are the same. Each human has the right to their conscience as long as it does not impair and trundle on another's life and personal well being.

So I beg you again, stop the killing please. Give other fellow humans the respect of their right to life because we each have that equally. But your actions take away this most simple gift; life.

Finally, you may want to sit down and evaluate your achievements so far... nothing but chaos and disruption to the peace we all seek.

Thank you brothers and sisters and I hope you will listen and reconsider. Peace be unto you.

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