Saturday, October 03, 2009

Murdoch Support For Cameron Is Not Victory Guaranteed

In October 2008, Rupert Murdoch granted and interview to the media. Just days to the US presidential election, Mr. Murdoch was out the change things; he had one aim, to stop the son of a commoner or a black man from moving into the Oval Office. Murdoch, did not hide but thought that his money and wealth, has become the voice of the ordinary citizen of United States of America. He even called Obama a rock star. But no, his opinion, was just his opinion.

What happened in the days that followed was not just a surprise; it was the rejection of the greed of the likes of Murdoch by the ordinary people who knew that Mr. Murdoch was fighting because of his insatiable greed to own yet another business. The poor people of America went en masse and killed that dream by electing Obama 1 week later.

For anyone that does not know, the likes of Murdoch have no interest in what happens to ordinary people. For him, folding up the NHS will provide him more business avenue to exploit and rip us all off. May be you do not understand, his (or his son's) attack on BBC is that BBC should not be there so that they can sell TV packages. I am sure you can read the writing on the wall.

The Sun's declaration for David Cameron is not just a dent on Cameron's image; it proves to us all the ulterior motives of David Cameron and who they actually represent. The truth revealed that Cameron has been having dinners and secret meetings with Murdoch, so this Sun's larch at Labour is one of the agreement from those meetings; more will follow in the run up to the elections. Elect them and we will watch them ignore public services so that the likes of Murdoch and his News International will make yet more profit. You don't need a degree to understand this simple fact.

Murdoch is buying into the Cameron's scheme because the Labour team did not let him have a run of the state in the past 12 years. The Labour government could not be bought over. So this time, he has choreographed his planning well. His former editor, Andy Coulson is Cameron's Communications Director and Cameron wants power by all means. How I wish we can know the different type of carrots he is dangling in front of desperate David. However, I can bet my money that 10% cut across board is one of the agreed deal.

But I tell you, if ever Cameron had a chance to be considered for the office of Prime Minister, The Sun's declaration might have robbed him of it. What surged the Obama vote was the eagerness of the ordinary citizen to protect what little public service there is for them from these business Hawks and Vultures. The British people must be wise and also act to prevent this or wait to listen to the news of huge profits by News International when 10% cuts are imposed across board and negligence of services take over.

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