Friday, October 16, 2009

Jan Moir’s Hates Gay People; Simple

The LGBT community takes everything. Even the worst of humans finds us their scapegoat to lay their stinking cum on. Anything we do, whatever we say, the way we walk, the way shout, the way we cry, and even when we die, none of it as acceptable by the little demi-gods whose thoughts are the only right ones.

So Jan Moir, the Daily Mail's columnist found it very appropriate, this time, not only to
berate gay men, but to carry out her heartless and spiteful attack on a grieving family. She, a supposedly grown-up and educated woman, found it so entertaining and newsworthy or whatever else, to launch into a very sloppy and factless attack even to the point of painting Civil Partnership as a mistake. By her words "Another real sadness about Gately's death is that it strikes another blow to the happy-ever-after myth of civil partnerships.

Stephen Gately isn't the first man to die at age 33, neither is he the first human to nor die young of natural course or otherwise. People die of heart attack sitting in traffic jam, etc. Why should the young man's passing become something to guage him as strange, lonely and troubling. Just last week, Neil Ellerberk was jailed for killing his wife in a marriage that each couple were having an affair outside of. Jan Moir did not see that to comment about loneliness, trouble or strange. No, how would she. For the heterosexual, promiscuity is just fine – in her eyes I suppose – but for gay men, bringing 'a stranger' home "is not disrespectful to assume that a game of canasta... was not what was on the cards."

Ms. Moir has claimed to apologize but could not steer clear of aggravating the matter when she thinks that our anger is "a heavily orchestrated internet campaign". The same internet that she has helped to feed with evil hatred and discrimination; the same internet that she is a constant player in; it's the same internet that she puts her vile, vulgar wickedness onto. Again, she portrays how much narrow and egoistic she is. She claimed to have supported Civil partnership, but in trying to paint it as the fairy tale she meant, she went as far as referring to Kevin McGee. So what has that got to do with that man too?

It is just obvious that Ms. Moir floundered the Code of Practice of her field by being discriminatory in her judgements and conclusion about these young men and the entire gay community. She showed no act of kindness or understanding towards the mourning family and partner Stephen nor did she show any remorse in her so-called apology.

I wont wish her death but that she put herself in our shoes and borrow a thinking cap... may be, she will realize. If she is married at all, I can imagine that it is blissful as the fairy heaven for them both. Good luck Ms. Moir.

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