Monday, October 05, 2009

The DC Confusions & Unsure Principles

I have been thinking, as it seems the new political field is being stage-managed by stalwarts of the business conglomerates, are we supposed to be afraid and are the plans unlikely to endanger the society?

Snippets making the round confirms that David Cameron (DC) have hosted the great Rupert Murdoch to
a dinner in his home not long time ago; this is not a secret, nor has it been denied by DC. Also, the preferential fee-paying VIP clubs that the Tories campaigning machine has created charging upto £50K to belong to 'direct-access'-to-the-opposition-leader, half price for access to shadow chancellor, etc. What comes to mind then is 10% cut. Did and are these meetings and clubs influence/ing this decision? I cant stop imagining they did.

No business man spends his money where it does not yield profits. My assumption is that the Tories' 10% cut is focused on creating more business opportunities for the rich who are finding the socialist Labour government too stifling for their ever-growing greed. This is more true when one takes into account that this 10% cut was a secret until Tory shadow health secretary, Andrew Lansley made a slip – funny that it was supposed to be DC's or shadow chancellor's job to announce such policy.

You can agree with me that DC's response to the financial crisis did confirm this. He insisted the government must not bail banks. Ordinary people agreed to this line that taxpayers money must not be used to bail the banks. And truly, one might be induced to agree to that, however, on a proper thinking, you could see that taxpayers money did not JUST save the banks, it SECURED the savings ordinary people has. Had the banks not been bailed, regardless of it being their mistakes, all the savings in them, would have gone. That alone would have set a depression, not recession. The result of bailing: no UK resident lost their savings.

Back to the issue of influence. If DC's advice on the financial crisis was followed, then the depression sets in, we all would have been at the mercy of the super-rich who would then charge us for moving about in our seats, let alone getting services. The rippling effects would have been unbearable. As that did not work, these dirty greedy & gluttonic rich has devised a second plan... and many more that may follow.

First, the 10% across the board cut. If DC becomes Prime Minister, cutting funding for services like the NHS means the ordinary people stop getting certain care from the reliable NHS. These services that will be removed, would then be established as businesses by these rich men whom he is now set to please, hence, their new business opportunities to make even more money.

Education will be affected as lesser funding will mean lesser salaries by retrenching teachers and other workers in that field. Classes will become bigger, books unavailable, school buildings maintenance would become history and support of student will diminish. When these start happening, middle-class income earners will withdraw their wards into existing and new private schools owned by these wealthy people who DC is running on their money. Hence their new opportunities to make even more money.

Remember James Murdoch's (JM) recent attack on the BBC? Can you link that to the promise of DC to trim Ofcom? What about his TV license cuts promise?
Are you thinking what I am thinking? On a deeper analysis, it seems JM was shouting this because an MOU might have been reached in one these engineering meetings. To me it goes this way; DC promises to cut the TV license, which in turn affects BBC funding, then the BBC becomes weak... now, finish the thinking by linking the media moguls and what they would do. They will simply take on what BBC cant do to 'provide services', charged of course... hence, their new business opportunities to make even more money.

May be we could decipher more of the handwriting on the wall if we burrow deeper. Now it seems to me that all DC's 'promises' to the ordinary man are rather backyard way of providing more business opportunities for his fee-paying super-rich friends.

Regardless of all these assumptions, it will be more than welcomed if - that is if – whoever leads the next government, will make clean cuts that will help the generality of the people than creating avenues for the few. I and everyone can do with reduced TV license of course, as much as any other cut that wont bring indirect charges or services shortfall in the gains made in the past 12 years.

On that front therefore, DC must use this conference to come clean on what is policy and how they can be achieved instead of shifting grounds on a daily basis making it hard for people to trust him or conclude where he is getting his inspiration from. Not yet another shift on EU that even Boris John is surely hating.

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