Friday, October 30, 2009

Candle-lit Vigil Against Hate-Crime

In little less than an hour from now, the gay community, their friends and loved one will be lighting candles and standing together for one purpose. The beauty of this event tonight is the difference of people that will be attending.

While it is mainly targeted against homophobia, it has gradually turned to be for against hate
-crime in its entirety. As a gay man, and a proud one, I am just about shooting out to join this great movement. At every point in history, it is always the action of the suppressed minority that usually bring a change. Tonight, we are going out in one voice, purpose and focus, to initiate a change.

The message we are sending out tonight is that we, gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexuals, will no more stand aside and watch our fellows suffer. Today it was Ian Baynham, tomorrow, it might be one of us, even me.

If you know any LBGT person, and are friends with and care about them, then tonight is your time to show your solidarity with us. They do not want your cry but support. Join in whichever way you can; from lighting a candle in your home, office, workplace, and wherever you find yourself that candle won't be a danger. At 9pm (GMT), a 2 minute silence will be observed. There is a vigil in Brighton, Liverpool, Manchester, London and San Francisco. Also, many smaller communities are gathering, friends in living rooms, pubs, bars, there might be something just close to you. But you can also bring one or two people together and join. Every little helps.

Hear the message; we peacefully resist all hate-crime henceforth. Together, we are stronger.

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