Thursday, October 22, 2009

BNP On BBC Question Time

So, as BBC claims to be quite neutral and playing the referee, I have wondered if they actually thought decision this thoroughly. I do agree that in a democracy, and on the tenets of it, BBC is right to interview anyone. Yet, in a democracy, and on its tenets, segregation by colour or other natural differences should not be encouraged.

Nevertheless, did BBC verify that Nick Griffin is happy to answer questions from Black British or other non Caucasian people from the audience? If the other parties should have sent in non-white representatives, would their guest be happy to share that panel with them?

It is an eyesore that as Germany is continuously and presently trying to apologise for the acts of late Hitler, Britain of all places, that joined to lead to war to defend freedom and unity of all people in from Hitler, is today giving platform to a re-incarnation of same Hitler. This is completely repulsive. Both King George VI and late Prime Minister Churchill will be completely overwhelmed with shock.

While BNP should be condoned to exist, pressures such as denying them public platform should help return them to real thinking. Perhaps, this will be that straw that breaks the Camel's back for Nick Griffin. It was humans, not ghosts that gave him BNP votes to the European parliament; hence they can answer in public too.

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