Saturday, October 10, 2009

An Abridge Copy Of My Speech To The Labour Conference Delegates On Thursday Oct. 1 2009

The issue of HIV devastation cannot be over emphasized. It has fallen off the political agenda. Ask any minister to speak on it, they will shy away; MPs? You might be dreaming; but thank goodness for the likes of All People Parliamentary Group on AIDS (APPGA) and the few
MPs listening and fighting.

Of course, there's no denying the good work the Labour government had done in the past 12 years, but much more need to be done. Immigrants living with HIV are still being denied support and being charged for medication. That poses a great public health danger to all of us: and I mean; YOU, YOU & ME. This is because such people will go underground and others will refuse to test entirely. That is just here at home.

The government must stop giving aid to corrupt governments that refuse to put it to good use or refuse to grant equality and care to LGBT people. Instead, the government should work with NGOs & charities which would go a long way to change things. And most importantly, deporting immigrants to countries where they cannot access or continue treatment should be reviewed as this is like sentencing them to death.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown, you have led in a lot of good works on the international scene; from debt relief for poor countries, to pushing and making a mark in climate change; and not to mention your decisive leadership in curbing the recent financial crisis. Thank you for all that Prime Minister. But on the issue of HIV, I believe that if you put your weight behind it, a change will come. We will make progress.

Britain in the world must be, not just effective, but robustly so.

Thank you.

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