Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yes! Gaddafi Spanks The UN

Gaddafi has outlived his enemies even the ones that are right. He has shown resilience although with brutality and corruption mixed with deterrence. All we know about the man is his bad sides because the so-called western media mafia make or mar as it pleases their ulterior motives. Without condoning the evils of the man
Gaddafi, it is also imperative that any good that come from him be acknowledge without bias.

When finally, the rejected and pariahed Gaddafi mounted the podiums today at the UN General Council, he did not just speak his mind, he also regained the times he had not addressed the UN in his career as a nation leader. Yes, we can say that most of his talk was near or mere rubbish, but there were quite a lot that made sense. He was fearless as usual, and snobbish. But as mixed as his character always is, he told the hard-hitting truth along his crap nonsense act.

Gaddafi's best was when he spanked the UN, calling the Security Council "the terror council" and told the General Assembly that 'it is the parliament of the world whose views were simply ignored and over-ridden'. That was just a simple truth. I have always argued same and that UN is America's franchised gateway to controlling the world.

The hated but unavoidable one suggested that UN headquarters be moved from the US to Europe or India. Gaddafi's suggestion is great in all ramifications.

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