Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Trumpet Sounds for Labour Party.

I am on my way to join the Labour party at the annual conference in Brighton for the first time. It promises to be a serious one as the party pauses to reflect and get set for election. With the threat of losing the election, this conference will show, not only outsiders, but within Labour itself, if it can still hold together.

From my viewpoint, I still find it difficult to believe that Labour will lose the next election. There are mistakes and fears, but the track record of listening and creating an equal and fair society can stand out if Labour don't give up like John Prescot has been hammering.

When I heard the news of Alistair Darling's remarks this morning, I thought that was good regardless of it appearing to be pessimistic. It isn't. It rather shows that the awakening is there. Labour will be fighting and the spirit is reviving. The Prime Minister himself has hinted so.

Complacency is bad but the Tories may be surprised when it all hits back after the election. The population can look back and compare 1979/1997 or 1997/2010? If you know your history, you know which is better. But again, it is better that Labour will have to fight rather than get victory on a platter of gold. That will be unchallenging.

As the call for awakening sounds, the stage is now set for the real war and Labour just have to pull up and take what is theirs or let this country sink down under again. God forbid!

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