Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Obama Game In The Congress – Morals Or Concern?

  • 2nd Obama speech to congress since inauguration. Let's see difference/similarity from the 1st Oration?Smart?Confident? mmm surely controversial

  • Back to history as he always do. Today is John Dingle in 1943. Obama is a real orator-heart-outreach(er).

  • Obama is a real play-guy... he walks into the Congress like Hollywood film actor on a premier. jeeez!

  • mmm... clever Obama. He starts like a real expert salesman with reference to economy speech in Feb. Great! & he mentions *Confidence*

  • Great punchline for the conscience of the awful rich Republicans "We are the only rich developed country with no proper healthcare..."

  • booooy! Obama is a real salesman. feed the devil his own adam's apple i deduce from this speech.

  • "our healthcare problems is actually our deficit" mmm... "We know we must reform the system but we dont know how"

  • "it makes sense to build on what works and fix what doesnt" beautiful! #Obama speaks to Congress

  • "Scare tactics replaced honest debate" Obama speaks to congress

  • Obama plays the game to the opposition's court; "nothing in this plan will require you to change what you have"

  • "In the United States of America, no one should go broke because they got sick" Obama speaks to Congress. great punch lines

  • This guy Obama plays a clever game giving almost everybody something. wisdom! so far, this is better than the 1st Congress speech

  • Even Senator McCain is clapping for Obama. I said this guy has taken the game to the opposition's camp. clever!

  • "consumers do better when there is choice and competition" Obama says; congress listens

  • "I have no pleasure in putting insurance companies out of business... I just want to hold them accountable" #Obama's congress

  • "I will not waste time with those who have made up their mind to kill this plan than move it"

  • "Anyone that mis-represents this plan, we will call you up... I won't accept status quo as solution" Obama sounds very threatening ...Bush?

  • Obama is sinking into his all-knowing wisdom lecturing which I dont buy into... over confident me think

  • mmm... now the other side is analysing &finding loopholes & failures of this talk. fingers crossed! so the story begins

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