Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama Game – But How?

I have always thought Obama to be too /or over confident. And while I praise his attempt and victory on what no one expected someone of his type to do, I still do not buy his charms; yea, just as I don't buy David Cameron's anyway.

However, today as he addresses the United States Congress, he played his card nearly well. While he returned to using political campaigning tactics and employing morals, - I disagree with morals and immorals, - I think that he could have make it simple and normal.

Nonetheless, the speech will be torn apart by those whose mind are set not to believe him. The president of America seemed to move further into the courts of his oppositions by using so many character-massaging tantrums.

However, the game he played appeared clever as he seems to paint a picture that he is ready to compromise and expects same from the opposition. He did this by reassuring the congress that Americans can 'keep whatever plan they have at the moment if they so wish to…' In other words, he is saying, we want to provide another alternative so the poor will have health security as the rich keeps theirs; he wants to incorporate the concerns of the opposition so that all views be catered for.

But is he being truthful? Would that be fair on the general tax payers? How possible would that be to set up? How about the abortion issue he disjointed off the newly revised plan? If this offer is being implemented with 'general taxpayers' money, would it therefore mean that the poor has to pay separately for that abortion? A lot of 'hows'?

He also dribbled with the mentioning of Late Ted Kennedy as the original and good salesman which I have always assumed him to be. And the tract? Never believe the proposals of a salesman.

The other thing in the Obama game, which in turn is the American thing that I never liked, is the threat of calling up 'anyone that opposes' this plan? What was that? I sensed a bit of Bush in that. Like I have always worried – and continue to worry – that his position will go to his head soon if not already. Can someone please keep reminding him that he doesn't know it all? The police case interference, the talking to school people, bla bla bla… games can be trumped up just as this healthcare issue seems to be doing due to over-confident-kick-start.

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