Friday, September 25, 2009

No! Peter Tatchell Is Wrong

While I like and follow Peter Tatchell's campaigns, I do think that he is missing the point this time with his obsession about lowering age of consent for sex. I think that is completely a nonsense.

Sex is a gift of nature and should be free, but I think that adults has the responsibility of guiding young people until an age they are able to face life with its emotional and psychological burdens. This is so because, while some of us had been very unlucky and forced to grow up faster, bearing various burdens at unsuitable ages, it is not even for the vast majority to admire such psychological sufferings because they are horrendous.

If Mr. Tatchell was going to argue lowering the age of consent, then he should not be impartial but campaign that it be removed altogether. I can agree to that but as guidance goes, it remains imperative that experience is utilized.

Sixteen is a generous age. But kids must not be criminalized for having sex before this age but cautioned. From my point, if it is bad to have age of consent at 16 or any age at all, then its is bad to have it at all. But for protection and direction in life, we have to try to help our young people take things one at a time and in good priority. Why the rush? Once you start the sex, you will have it all your life even longer than 16 more years and much more.

Mr. Tatchell's five points of reasoning lacks substance especially when he says "removing the legal obstacles to earlier, more effective sex and relationship education". What is effective in having sex earlier when there are many other ropes in life that need be learnt? And how can it be effective when young minds aren't capable of handling the emotions and heavy psychological demands that go with relationship? Is Tatchell thinking or being fed these craps? He stands to lose his reputation by becoming this shallow. Lowering age of consent would cause significant burden on the already ailing social services and support. Kid's sex before 14 happen but mostly as ordinary fun that cant be called sex and its only a low handful doing it.

Peter Tatchell must realise that because there is a law that says people must not kill, does not mean people don't kill... kids have sex and we all know if having not done it ourselves.

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