Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Vetting Program For Adults

While I will agree that the government has good intentions for trying to put the vetting of all adults who gets responsibilities of young people in England, the disadvantages of such may surpass its gains.

Young people and children surely need to be protected as much as we can in these days of various evil. But we must be careful not to let our good intents and efforts result in more damaging effects. If this proposal will go live, it will be a great divisor of community relationship.

The proposal is going to vet friends who help friends. Rightly as it has been noticed that most children abusers are friends and trusted family relatives, it still doesn't make enough sense that vetting should be put in place for what is a very small percentage of dissenters.

In the UK, real communities seem to be vanishing faster than the alleged ice-caps affected by global warming. We live in a country where neighbours are becoming even more distant from each other, where people do not know each other on their own streets. And yet, a regulation such as this is being brought in. It would mean people becoming even more distant and less involved.

The results of such will include increased crime rate and lack of personal relationship between community members. The less interaction and community engagement we encourage, the higher it will be for traitors and criminals to survive and prosper in our communities. Recent histories have shown that in most cases of terrorist scare or other crimes, rape, murder, child-molestation etc, that neighbours can barely say anything about suspects. This, no doubt confirms that those who want to commit crime will always prefer to live areas where no one knows or can account for them.

May be, there should be a re-think to find better ways to protect us all, rather than lose the head while protecting the jewel.

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