Saturday, September 19, 2009

Did Derren Brown Really ‘Predict’ National Lottery?

Derren Brown, last week or so claimed to have 'predicted' the national lottery; great! But as I am never jumping onto a bandwagon or joining the crowd, I did not more, than just get the knowledge of that joke because I knew from the start that it is not just magic but folly.

Nevertheless, what bothered me isn't Derren Brown's claim which I coined as 'prOdiction'. In stead, my worry was how much people got amazed and praised his intelligence cum magicky... crap! It also goes a long way to confirm and show how much shallow our generation is because majority lack a total sense of evaluation, let alone reflection and thought. More concern to me was the fact that some people I thought were intelligent and wise, even journalists praised this guy's genius on that; absolute nonsense.

First, if it was a 'prediction' why was did he not say it before the numbers where announced? Without starting the argument that it would have let people go play to win, I tell you, he could say it 5mins before while the playing is suspended.

Secondly, if it was a prediction, then he could also have won it regardless that he might argue he don't want it? Magicians are awesomely idiots anyway. But they are quite clever and wise because they bring out the fools in people.

So, for point of correction and to put things in order, Derren Brown did not PREDICT the national lottery but PRODICTED it. There is a clear line between being a magician and being a prophet/seer, etc. Predictions are made by seers or prophets who say things before the happen while magicians just play with things that exists and by rearranging them.

So, if you are one of the fools who drooled about praising Derren Brown's genius, I waited for one week to say this and hope that your brain is cleared of the fuzziness that clogged it to tell you that you were a national idiot and that makes me worry about your voting power; useless of course.

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