Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baroness Scotland Should Resign

For one who makes the law, it should be expected that Lady Scotland knows and understand that law inside-out. If nothing, the cores of that law. Also, having participated solely and even presenting and defending that law at some point in the making, Baroness Scotland should not only know it but
is expected to abide by it to the latter.

But was we saw today is rather embarrassing for someone in a key position such as she. While not particularly bothered by the status of the said employee, I am very concerned, that for being among the lawmakers, Lady Scotland remaining in her position as the Attorney General is a shame to the government and more so, to the Labour party.

Again, the judgement of the UK Border Agency is a shamble. For the Attorney General to fail to take 'common' photocopy of document makes me wonder what and if she knows the laws she guards at all. As a minister and one who contributed immensely in bringing this law to live, it is ridiculous that she fails to do the one common thing that could be a prove of innocence.

I think neglect of making the copies should be an outright prove that she never sighted the required documents. Had an employing business done this, would it be taken as lightly? Isn't making copies a prove that at least the documents has been seen even when the genuineness of them cannot be proved?

While resignation isn't a punishment or demand for Baroness Scotland's neglect of the procedures, ignorance of the laws she protects means her position has become untenable and thus she should show some dignity.

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