Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Attorney General And Her Maidservant

The case of Baroness Scotland and her former maidservant is beginning to take a funny turn. This morning, the BBC (and I hope other media) are as usual having fun singing us the news over and over. But there seems some suspicion about this new development.

It is not very common for someone who her boss has defended so passionately to just swing around and try to damage that boss' reputation. What is there to gain? She gave you a job regardless of your ineligibility to work. She defended you by saying you showed her your documents and she paid a fine all for it taking thereby bearing the blame. For all these, it seems quite mean that this employee will turn around and say what she has just told the media. Not mean in a way that she should not tell the truth, but mean in a way that it is not relevant since she is not entering any case with her former employer. What does she gain from saying these? I find it bizarre.

It feels like there is more than meets the eye at this point. The probability that someone is prodding her to take these infamous steps is huge. However, the Attorney General would have doused this case had she given it all up and leave her position. This forth and back exchange of who's right or wrong becomes even demeaning because of the position she holds. Can someone tell her to go NOW! Because it gets nasty and this former employee seems poised to drag it along.

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