Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Alan Duncan Fired?

Well; regardless of how David Cameron has tried to make us believe he takes swift decision, the case of Alan Duncan seem to say quite the opposite. He initially berated and also exonerated him insisting that he has apologised, etc. All of a sudden, weeks after and when we have moved on – as usual – he took a most drastic action. Awesome? Awful? Erm...

With this scenario, are we expecting a punishment for Daniel Hannan too? Is the Tory leader beginning to understand that the act of leadership is not just about acting, but is mainly about thinking, and deeply too? That it is not about following or pleasing the crowd but it is about taking the hard decisions after thoroughly pondering over it? That is it not about rushing out to join the popular views and jump onto thoughtless bandwagon of cheap views, but it is about taking responsibility and reaching conclusion after conscientious considerations of long term consequences. That is leadership.

Leadership is that position where you are ready to be in the firing line knowing that it will be alright. It is the situation where you have to think long and hard and find explanations even when the lot want a short term-shortcut measures. Because leadership is about the abiding legacies of calm, assurance, focus and taking the right decisions for the right reasons with no compromise.

This single act about Alan Duncan confirms the reason why the Tories won't win a landslide if they even win. Because each time you watch Cameron on the screens, you are very sure he is not sure of what he is saying and you can see the extensive struggle to sell himself.

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