Saturday, August 22, 2009

USA Can’t Believe This Is Happening

For the first time in quite an age, America is facing the starkest reality; she does not really rule the world nor make its decisions. Thanks to Scotland and especially Kenny MacAskill, that brave Scottish Justice Secretary who has just taught America this lesson.

Right until Thursday July 20, 2009, United States of America was still riding high on the shod that they are in charge of the world with 'supposed' world (wimp) powers such as UK being their toddler. What with the UK that foolishly and childishly follow Bush to take a greedy action on Iraq on the lies of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)? Since then, the UK remains a child holding on to America's big fingers and concurs to all US' eventually-dictatorial moves.

Without endorsing Megraghi's release which I don't think was entirely as bad, I think that Scotland must have made the world believe there is still hope. It has been disappointing and completely disheartening to see UK remain in the control of America.

It is appalling that no one is calling US to order. Anyway, the UN is a toothless dog owned and controlled by America. US should be made a pariah state. It is no difference from Iran and the lot of them. She sends people to electric chambers. Denies people living with HIV entrance to their country, fight wars based on lies – WMD(?), - holds people in prison without charge or access to justice, denies gay people equality, pollutes the environment by refusing to implement the Kyoto agreement, allows use of weapon (gun) by its citizens, etc. in summary, it is a devilish government.

But hear her turn around to talk of justice. Justice, should be to reverse all the above. Justice should be to allow people accused of crime to defend themselves instead of taking them captive into Guantanamo Bay. Justice should be to make sure that people have at least first level access to healthcare in a country as rich as she is and boast to be advanced. Justice is the fairness of letting countries decide their own system but only making suggestions without ulterior motives. And its Muller, the head of FBI whose organization is complicit in running Guantanmo Bay that tells us of justice. May be he needs a definition lecture on justice.

That is what justice is. Now, thank you Scotland for making them know they cant rule United Kingdom. Just that is enough information. Scotland is not answerable to US, so they can reel on and cry foul. The deed has been done. Great.

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