Thursday, August 20, 2009

United Kingdom Portrays Its Difference From USA.

In short period of less than one month, two convicts of extreme evil, Ronnie Biggs & Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi walked to freedom still convicted & never showed remorse.

Both stories has just this similarity and the only difference being that they committed two different crimes. Nonetheless, both were evils of the highest heartless order.

While Ronnie Biggs was convicted and escaped prison, Megraghi was convicted but not convincingly and did not escape prison.

What therefore comes to mind is, does high crime go with no consequences? Would people now be inspired or dispirited to commit awful crime?

Having considered the above, the picture here, especially in the case of Megraghi, is the big difference between the 2 world powers: Britain and America. While America continue to hold on to achaic 'wicked' punishments and unforgiving spirit, Britain has continuously shown that forgiveness, even in extremely uncomfortable situations is possible. But the question now is: is there a link between these two events? Was one a preparation or approval for the other?

The American state may want to review its beliefs. Going forward does not involve clinging to the past. As Scotland has shown, compassion, sometimes enhances forwardness.

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