Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Tories' open ballot system in Totnes, Devon

The Conservative party has played a nice game again this time. And again, they have played it successfully. Successfully because all those registered voters entangled in the game probably didn’t give it a thought. And this is the present style of domineering the crowd these days anyway. But the plot is clear, though only if you look a bit more closer.

The Tories blew their trumpet again that they are inclusive; but this inclusivity is quite porous for my liking. How can you claim to have let the people chose, when in reality, you foisted three – just three – candidates on voters only to claim you have changed the system. Bollocks.

As BBC rightly put it; “the people of Totness were offered a choice…” Again, at the cost it is reported to have been achieved, did anyone re-think the extravagancy of this game? Imagine all constituencies replicating this? Isn’t this a waste of money introducing a blotch that normally shouldn’t cost money?

What are party members for if they cannot successfully select candidates for general elections? Also, the shortlisting of these candidates must have been hijacked by fewer constituency party members thereby denying the general membership their right to presenting a candidate to voters.

And so continues the list of flaws that go with this selection system. In actual sense, it is a manipulative system than than it is open. In that order, it is highly open to abuse.

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