Friday, July 31, 2009

Too late to come

The case of Derby Purdy today upheld by the law lord has been too late to come. The right to die is one of those private things I consider any living thing should have control and choice over. As I have said in the past, so long as one is not taking or deciding to take another’s life, it is all ok. This is equal to suicide. In a sum, I put it that any one should have the right to commit suicide but not the right to murder or man-slaughter. There is a clear line between these two or other.

This ruling or legislations against assisted death continue to mesmerize me and I cant stop asking why it? It is as foolish and equal to the belief that some people have that homosexual acts are unnatural; just same as those who think other versions of sex other than lights off-clothes off-make sex-babies is unheard of. All this amount to the same idiocy of slave trading; racism; and all other manner of stupid impingements on peoples’ private-private life.

The right to die when one wishes, is same as the right to eat or starve. So the law lords allowing Debby’s husband freedom today to see her wife off to her chosen desire is the right thing and I hope such natural rights will seep into other aspects of life so that we over the system of being told what to say, when to say them and overcome the fear having jokes with our neighbours.

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