Monday, August 17, 2009

Obama's Administration Takes a Customer Service Approach

I think President Obama is playing a clever game now. America’s two latest achievements releasing imprisoned Americans from their captivation is quite outstanding.

Although I am not – and have never been – in the Obama-mania camp or whatever it is called, it is very important to point out that his administration has shown understanding of the perception and reaction many countries in the under-develop area take to America. With this understanding, the present American leader have reduced the diplomatic trip and meddling he or key official should do but instead employ a more subtle ways to executing this.

The recent trip of President Clinton to North Korea securing the release of two Americans was just one of those. And while that seems to be down-played for its importance, we see Senator Webb arrive at Burma and took with him a man who is beginning his seven year jail term for swimming to Aung Sun Suu Kyi’s house while she is under house arrest.

The above scenarios paint a picture of a US administration that is beginning to understand how intimidating and interfering America appears and which visits from its presidents or high officials does not address but make worse. I hope the exploit this avenue more and show America as understanding and ready to chat, without interfering or trying to take over sovereign nations’ control.

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