Thursday, August 20, 2009

Megraghi’s Release Doesn’t Quite Feel Right

Although I agree with the Scottish government compassionate release of Megraghi, (see below), I found it snubbish that the convict is being given an almost state escort to leave prison.

The pains of the victims and their families have not been taken into consideration with this act.

While it is clear that holding him in his state of health wouldn't make profit anyone, it is completely an insult that he is being given such a state release. The involvements of Col. Gaddafi in the release process make it seem there is something more behind all these.

I can only imagine the pains of the families who lost dear ones and that make the case a very delicate one. Nonetheless, an end has to come to anything. I think that the dead would rather rest in peace than this dragging on. But it must be accepted that justice has not been done.

However, the release, doesn't feel quite right in the way it has been conducted. And this goes a long way to set a bad precedent as other wicked terror executioner would find easy to cause pain knowing that nothing would be done to them.

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