Saturday, August 22, 2009

Megraghi Arrival & Western Reaction

Well, it wasn't a surprise that there will be joy at the arrival of Megraghi in Libya. Who wouldn't celebrate after walking free of prison to unrivalled freedom, even if the recipient is dying, etc?

As UK foreign Secretary, David Miliband rightly said, it is distressing that celebration followed his arrival. And as I pointed out in a previous post, the problem is that the Libyan president got so involved to the point of sending his private jet; this should have been clear.

So, it becomes insensitive of the Libyan government to create this charade that is now turning the whole compassionate deed into a great irredeemable mistake.

The relatives of the Victims can do well, in any way they can, to move on even though this is easier said than done. But the stress being granted this singular business makes it even more distressing for the families.

Whether Megraghi will die or live isn't any gain to both the compassionate Scottish ministers or the families of the victims. What the case is remains that he is a free man. Digging to the root cause of the bombing would be fine but the question must be considered; would it not cause more distress and pain to do so? 21 years is a long time and moving on may be the best option. And Libyan acknowledgement of the sufferings of these family members would help while we continue to hope the truth may come to light.

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