Monday, August 10, 2009

Homophobia Doesn’t Exist – Tory MEP Says

Well, as much as I agree and promote freedom of expression by all and for all, I still think that whatever our opinion, expressing them should be in consideration to those affected. While agreeing that there is an opposition to every opinion that exists, it is expedient to know that it should not be an over-riding thought but an input for robust debate.

Roger Helmer, Conservative MEP for the East Midlands, has not just expressed his opinion but as man who is elected to represent a community, it is sad that he will go to this extent to deny what is (see last paragraph of this link). His personal bearing on this matter does not really make any huge impact but the question that it raises is worrisome.

Recently, the Conservative party found new cohorts in European Parliament. For a mainstream party from a country that has led in human rights issues and campaigns, it is completely disheartening for the type of alliances the Conservative party went into with certain anti-people parties. Throughout the formation, David Cameron denied and even stated that Tory has changed immensely from a homophobic party to a tolerant one; it hasn't. He made this comment while attending a reception during the Pride Week celebrations. Although Mr. Cameron could not attend Pride himself, he assured those around him that his attendance to that event was a reflection of the transformation of his party.

Did we believe him? Obviously No! How can you believe a man that weeks before had made treaty with notorious homophobic parties in the wider EU bloc? The truth remains that there seems to be a closely guarded secret that we do not know yet. The Conservatives should come clean and open about their motives for having a bond with parties like that.

The suspicion becomes stronger in light of the reports about the opinions of Conservative's MEPs elected are now telling us. Obviously, these MEPs, Tory MEP leader Timothy Kirkhope, who recently defended Michal Kaminsky, a Polish Law and Justice Party MEP on derogatory terms the later used against gay people and Mr Helmer has a greater access to their new alliances. So it appears to me that he is either promoting this 'secret motives' or has fallen under the influence of their new bedfellows at the European Parliament. Whichever it be, this is not just another trivial expression but should and must be closely monitored.

For the gay community, it is time to think of the power of your vote.

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