Wednesday, August 19, 2009

America's Hardline Is No different from Iran's And Others

First let me say that I believe Scotland/UK is entirely right and should be acknowledged for being kind to release the Lockerbie ‘accused/convicted’ bomber. We can always ask for revenge but it is also necessary that we remember atimes that our revenge may not assuage our pain and loss at any level.

It is sad that families, friends, colleagues, etc lost their lives in the wicked event in 1988, but it is also unrewarding that a terminally ill man is held in prison when it seems he is now useless about it. Reading the account of the fatal wickedness again and my heart ripping apart, I would think it would be necessary to hold and keep Megraghi there, if he is going free to enjoy running around working and achieving things. But that is unlikely based on what health condition we are told he is in now.

However, the problem here is that he is not completely convicted of the crime since he is appealing it. Secondly, his supposed cohorts are at large as which will make it unjust if any other isn’t found.

Regardless of all that, my problem now is the interference of America in insisting that Scotland do not do this. Hilary Clinton clear call is disappointing and a disgrace to America.

I have always observed that the USA is not leading the example of compassion let alone human rights actions as it should. US remains a nation where the poor can’t afford healthcare, gay people can’t live comfortably, capital punishments still in place, and yes, race segregation very much alive and many unaccountable. For a country as powerful as she is, I doubt what human right difference it has from Iran or other countries that it tends to pursue and want to decide their fate.

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