Thursday, July 09, 2009

Once Again, It Is The Dirty Dirty News of the World

I have always believed the News of the World group does dirty businesses and the recent isn’t a wonder.

However, the fact seems to be the media too is parasitically sucking into the political angle by heating Cameron thereby masquerading the case into the political strata. Indeed, Cameron should take steps; even suspension for the time being while the investigation is ‘quickly’ conducted.

Having said that, it is also good that Cameron feels what it is like to bear blames for the mistakes of others whom he might not control their personal decisions.

I think it is time lines are clearly drawn. The investigation should be thorough and a real culprit identified and punished appropriately. From precedents, it seemed the consequences of such act has been too mild hence the perpetrating of it in a wider breach. This does not only amount to invasion of privacy but breach of security, considering that some of those who (could) have access to the date are not resident in or citizens of this country.

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