Friday, July 10, 2009

News Of The World Spying On Its Staff Too...

Can we now assume, imagine, surmise, translate, interpret, conclude or/and finally agree that the News of the World is a rogue, insane, uncontrolled, unorganized, pragmatic, wickedly-clever, more-spy-than-journalism journalistic and media organization?

Well, what else can one say if they also tap their own staff private phone lines? But most of you who are now shouting on them have enjoyed the outputs from their dirty breaking-of-people’s-privacy in the past. So before you chuck on them, just pause and think of the best story you have enjoyed from them. It could be one of the results of their invasive and aggressive news scouting and sourcing.

But I am sure they will come out of this - battered or unscathed - to continue again even deeper. Who knows, there might even be existing wired and wireless tapping going on as this is rages. Probably, this is also their opportunity to hack Scotland Yard as they move in to investigate them.

Poor us all. Thank goodness, there is nothing worth hacking from me. But they will be useful if they can hack from Mugabe and all other mysterious people out there.

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