Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mayor Boris Is The Spite That Inspired His Election Victory

On Monday I attended the Mayor of London’s Pride reception at City hall. It was a nice event. The view from the 9th floor 360o balcony was also amazing. So also was the fish and chips served. But I would be honest that the entertaining choir was crap. They damaged even the well known ‘Oh happy day’.

I have never been in the same vicinity as Mayor Boris Johnson let alone hear him speak in person. But this was it. Since I have always thought him not smart enough to be a mayor for London, I had my open-mind ajar to be convinced otherwise on this occasion. But did I get converted?

When the Mayor made his speech which was on a 3-or-more-page handwritten paper, it was more off-putting than ought. Mind you, I do respect Boris for his journalistic intelligence but to be a Mayor of great London, I sincerely state that he doesn’t fit.

Funny enough, I mentioned to my colleague after his rumble of a speech, that I hopefully got about 30%, thus I cant give you a summary of whatever it was he said. But I didn’t discuss this with anyone else in the event. So I was surprise when Metro reported that “Guests at the Pride celebrations claimed the mayor appeared to slur his words during his speech.” Oh dear.

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