Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Susan Boyle - In The Making As A Puppet

Susan Boyle is now in the processing machine as the next social puppet. I do pity her for this and wish it don’t happen to her.

The first I heard of her was days after her first performance. Since I don’t invest my time in watching TV programmes, it happened that my music director has to tell the story to jeer up choir members, then someone in the choir sent the youtube link after at which time my web-curiosity made me click. Nonetheless, I liked her presentation and praised it.

But what followed thereafter was a big hype. She became headline, bla bla bla. And instantly, I pitied her. I pitied her because I know, like Jade Goody, she was being turned into a social puppet. She was being propped up by many invincible hands that will one day disappear and watch her fall like feather from above.

My heart already wept for her but my prayer is with her that she put her foot strong and follow it gradually step by step. But as always, it’s the money in the game. Like a gamble prize, she is being revered, pampered and treasured, until she is won, then she will be tossed and snapped at.

The worrying thing is that the media is advertising her, like those gone before her, for nothing. Come to think of it, what has she done? Re-singing another person’s song? She didn’t write it, nor did the first performance. Yet I and every other person agree that she did it well as a talent. But the praise and celebration has gone way over the work.

But that is all for a plan to use her to make money. Now the puppet life is being invented. We are told when she is in the hospital; very soon, the news will bear how she eats, what she wears, who she visits. And then, she will join the ‘keeping up appearance’ which then makes her a puppet and she will lose her real life.

Rubbish enough, why do we need to know that she is in hospital? Or other such trivial matters? There are millions of ordinary real people in the hospital for various reasons; she isn’t first. There are many people who have done so much talented work in various ways, especially using it to help others for years and endless time. Yet, the present generation of artificial values that lack regard for hardwork and patience, jumps onto the bandwagon to worship the drizzle and not the rain.

However, mine is just a rant. She will go on to be their next showdown. Yet my prayer is with her wishing her well all the way. It’s not her fault, but it can be her choice. The media is hard at work again to feed the populace endless news of Susan Boyle that aren’t necessary or of use to us. But like in the past, the masses will join them make the noise and then go to bed peaceful leaving the shreds for the victim to weep over.

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