Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson - My Tribute

He was just the epitome of what natural talent could be... and he used it extremely to reach heights I don’t think he planned, leaving us with the best songs ever there be. Hate him or like him, you can’t deny his talent and for me, it’s not about the man, it’s about his exploration of his natural gifts. Rest in peace Michael.

In all my life, there had been rare moments when I cried for the death of any one. I do not cry just for death, but I cry only for what impact of happiness that person has brought in my life. And for my 29 years and exactly 11 months of life, this is the 3rd stranger I have cried at their passing cos his outputs leaves me wild with happiness.

I cried not because I am scared of death or anything... rather the opposite. I expect my own death every passing minute and that keeps me living. But for my weeping, I do because I can reflect and see a life that was fully used and could do more if continuing. Regardless, I think that this is best for Michael Jackson. Resting and getting away from the entire hatred, both real and made-up is better.

He has played his role. His are among the best songs ever there were. But not just his songs, the act and art that accompanied them were completely and always mesmerizing. I do not watch TV but would pause any time to be hooked at his ever wonderful performances. I love you Michael.

Controversies and accusations dogged his final years. The truths were and will never be unveiled. While it was clear some wanted a share of his money, some might be true but that isn’t an issue nor did it make him the devil.

The regret about his life is that his lies became the truth as this line from his track 'Billie Jean' surely said - "And Be Careful Of What You Do 'Cause The Lie Becomes The Truth" This is what his zest for a different look achieved for him which became a reality of his life. Because when you compared the picture of the real MJ in his young years to the final images of his life, you can agree that his lie of his looks became an appalling truth. But we all make mistakes and the best thing we can ever do is live with them until Death, the eternal decisive judge saves us from it.

I will miss you forever and I will learn not to delve into making any lie become the truth. Kisses beautiful one.

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