Friday, June 05, 2009

James Purnell Was & Is Wrong In His Approach

James Purnell’s decision is clear. He is chicken hearted. And like I said in the previous post, he wants to appear clever by feeling he thought ahead; pity.

He feared he wont be re-elected at the next election and decided to take to his heels. For a brilliant minister as he is supposed to have been, it beggars belief that he don’t even have a policy disagreement but just a dislike for a person. That is so so so disgustingly childish and selfish. How can anyone?

While I do agree with Mr. Purnell’s right to or not be a minister, I think his quick analysis that the Conservative is the likely choice for the country is an arrant nonsense. Recent elections have never shown the Conservative gaining immensely from Labour’s losses. In fact, the right picture is that the electorates are not convinced at all by Mr. Cameron’s sweet words which tends to bounce from here to there like a celebrity trying to keep fans - no concrete policy.

It is also unconvincing that 12 hours after resigning, his websites has given no further opinion or have any mention his resignation. It therefore becomes clear that he doubts his own decision and must be very regretful or unsure of it.

In all, if the Cabinet and parliamentary Labour succeed in keeping the party together, the gains would be more useful than a distraction at this moment.

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