Friday, June 05, 2009

I Hope Obama Did What Homework Needed To Be Done

Obama’s warm words in the Middle East isn’t really convincing to me. Although that’s exactly the steps I have wished the Western leaders to take long ago, his chosen words sounds more like wishes than realities.

Warm words aren’t the cure for the problems in the word, but tolerance. Its not about conceding to the Islamic belief, its about making Muslims understand that religion is a thing of choice and that we all have our individual rights to worship or religious the way we want. And same warning to all other religions too.

I do buy his lines that no one wants violence but his approach seems more imaginary than thought-out. Regardless, I do hope there doesn’t arise a repercussion.

Of course, Israel must be recognized and accepted and so must Palestine be allowed to germinate healthily and grow.

With all that must follow America’s proper respect of the rights of other countries as well as their sovereignty. America must also show example in what it preaches by abolishing death penalties, gas chamber, inequality based on sexuality, and cure its own home grown terrorism of ‘guns at the supermarket shelf’.

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