Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Dance To The Invincible Drumbeats

Funny, isn’t it?

Last week, when the entire zealots danced to the drumbeats of the unseen multitude, Gordon Brown was the available sacrificial lamb. But it was clear, as always that the different fingers pointing forward were in disagreement. Thus the four pointing back on each of the betrayers were stronger and convincing.

While many people saw Gordon Brown as the effigy to direct their imaginary fears, a few of us stayed calmed and knew that their judgement was wrong.

Obviously, may be the Labour government have made a few mistakes, but it is obvious that Labour has done and benefited the country better. So it becomes foolish to throw her away for just a few mistakes when it is clear the alternative is like death to life.

Hazel Blear, James Purnell and Caroline Flint all made huge mistakes. Like I said in a previous blog, although it is their individual rights to decide or not serve in a cabinet, it is instead, their folly to resign over personality with no disagreement on policy. I saw each as a sham for their previous job. Caroline Flint was the most ludicrous.

Hazel rather surprised me. Of all, I least expected such childish behaviour. I was disappointed. Not just because of the efforts we have all put in for the election, but that she actually thought a leadership contest was good at this point.

But here we are. She has shown her maturity by her apologies. That’s what it takes to be mature. The ability to accept mistakes, take the right corrective steps and responsibilities thereof. I don’t expect such from Mr. Purnell because he would wait to claim being right whenever Brown steps down regardless of how and why.

Ms. Flint on her side is a complete disgrace. To work in the cabinet for years and just to realize she was a ‘female window dressing’ makes her seem completely idiotic. As if she has just woken up. But it was clear it made her foolish and she knows.

Hazel would be forgiven – I suppose no grudges anyway – but she may dance the real dance which will cost her more.

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