Friday, June 05, 2009

A Cheerful End For The Turbulent Friday

Today at Westminster village has been quite turbulent and very dramatic. Since Hazel Blear knifed the entire Labour party at the back on the eve of an election, the unfolding events that followed were rather dramatic, disturbing and dart-like.

One surprising thing though is that at the end of business, Gordon Brown is
still there and even staunchly. Yet, as much as my wish is for him to remain, especially not for himself – and I have nothing against his personality – but for the sake of Labour party. Regardless of the seeming bleak future, an implosion would do nothing but aggravate such.

By my analysis, those we should have looked upto to remain brave have disappointed us all. But like John Prescott's blog seemed to sum it, these ones are defeated already.

At the end of the big Friday stage, I gathered joy in the fact that there was no leadership contest. Thanks to people like David Milliband, Alan J, J. Straw; they have shown great maturity and I hope that unlike the ‘female window dresser’, they don’t change. If they keep to what they have professed so far, the party will survive, fight the general election as one and come out of it with dignity even if it loses, which I still cant see it losing.

Bravo Brown and all you true-at-heart cabinet and backbench Labour MPs who has not whimpered and scupper with lame self-centred excuses. At least, the opposition is completely surprised because they thought it was the end. But Labour has proved that it has more common sense than just throw blows at each other.

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